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The WESTT BR bench is a turnkey solution including an instrumented DGEN 380 turbofan and Price Induction’s proprietary engine test platform.

Thanks to the DGEN modern architecture, it is a powerful platform for a wide range of research projects and practical courses, allowing all kinds of experiments on a typical turbofan engine running in a real environment.

Thanks to the DGEN’s small size and consumption, it is the least expensive test bench of an aeronautical turbine, in terms of both acquisition price and operating costs.

The WESTT BR bench is the ultimate experimental platform for engineering programs in gas turbines and propulsion. Possible practical applications include the following:

  • Thermodynamics – Experimental computation of the thermodynamics cycle
  • Aerodynamics – Analysis of the fan’s downstream flow and correlation with numerical models
  • Acoustics & Vibrations – Noise signature analysis and measurement of engine vibration
  • Control System – Study of the “all-electric concept”

The WESTT BR is also an advanced testing means for research studies and PhD theses covering innovative turbofan engines. It is particularly cost-efficient since the engine is compact, fuel-efficient and low-maintenance. A running DGEN engine can be used as a research support for many topics including windmilling modeling in aero-engines, air inlet optimization and innovative fan materials.

Price Induction’s engineering team offers dedicated technical consulting services to customize the WESTT BR configuration in order to suit the specific research goals and the existing facilities of its customers.

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